Lync server 2013:Automatic collection of configuration data failed.

Wanted to install a second Central site in my Lync 2013 deployment. Added the site , pool and servers to my Topology Builder. Deployed it and started installing the new server. When installation came to the point where it is supposed to locate CMS and replicate it : “Automatic collection of configuration data failed” . What now?

My first thought of was that my topology was wrong. Checked every DNS name. OK. Checked local firewalls on the computers invlved. OK. Checked that I could connect to the LyncShare on the server. OK. Used ADSI edit to verify that ActiveDirectory contained information about the SLP . OK. Used PortQry to check that my new server could reach the SQLSRV/RTC instance at port 1434. FAILED. So this is the problem. There was firewall in the network that allowed any traffic except SQL traffic. Got this port opended in the firewall involved, reran the setup and now everything was OK.


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