HTTPS/SSL session reset.

When Publishing a Windows 2012R2 web site using F5 it all works fine as long as you publish HTTP. When you switch to HTTPS the published page is blank. The F5 report that the server has reset the SSL session. All this is because of TLS 1.2 and how Windows 2012 R2 handles certificates. I had a similar issue earlier. This is a issue of changes in how Windows 2012R2 handles certificates and probably how F5 connect, Anyway my solution is to disable TLS 1.2 :

To Resolve this issue do the following:

– On the Lync 2013 server open the registry and browse to the following location: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SChannel\Protocols

– Create the following Key under Protocol: TLS 1.2

– Create the following two Keys under TLS 1.2: Client and Server

– Create the following DWORDs under both the Client and Server Key: DisabledByDefault and Enabled

– Under both Client and Server set the following: DisabledByDefault=1 and Enabled =0

– Reboot the server.

Entering these keys Disables TLS 1.2 on the server forcing the client and server to communicate over TLS 1.1.

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