Get Secretserver secret

Since we are using SecretServer as our credential store it is of great help to be able to get credentials directly from powershell. This is a small function that connects to secretserver webservices and retrieve a secret based on secred ID. The function will connect to the webservice as the signedin user or by a supplied credential or lastly by a predefined stored credential. To use stored credential I’am using functions from .

Usually you would use the PS credential object directly. To get the password as text you could use it from the PSobject referring to the get networkcredential().

$cred=get-secretid -secretID 2007

Or if you need the password in clear text, displayed on screen, you could specify that as a an argument.

The function is made for my usage, so there is definitive roomfor improvement .

function Get-SecretID
[int] $secretID,

$where = 'https://secretserverdnsname/secretserver/winauthwebservices/sswinauthwebservice.asmx'

if($sscred -ne $null){
    $ws = New-WebServiceProxy -uri $where -Credential $sscred

    $ws = New-WebServiceProxy -uri $where -UseDefaultCredential -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
    if($ws -eq $null){
      if (!(Test-Path Variable:\ssuser)){
        throw {
          Write-Host "No secretserver user specified or variable 'ssuser' defined.`nThis is to be used by 'get-storedcredential'"
        $credacc=Get-StoredCredential -UserName $ssuser
        $ws = New-WebServiceProxy -uri $where -Credential $credacc -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
        if($ws -eq $null){throw{Write-host "Unable to connect to SecretServer"}}


$wsResult = $ws.GetSecret($secretId, $false, $null)
if($wsresult.errors -ne $null){
  $Cred=New-Object PSObject
  $Cred | add-member -NotePropertyName "Username" -NotePropertyValue $wsresult.errors
  $Cred | Add-Member -NotePropertyName "Password" -NotePropertyValue $wsresult.errors
  return $Cred
} else {
$ep = ConvertTo-SecureString $wsResult.Secret.Items[2].value.ToString() -AsPlainText -Force
[pscredential]$Cred = New-Object -TypeName "System.Management.Automation.PSCredential" -ArgumentList $u,$ep
  [psobject]$Cred=New-Object PSObject
    $Cred | add-member -NotePropertyName "Username" -NotePropertyValue $u
    $Cred | Add-Member -NotePropertyName "Password" -NotePropertyValue $wsResult.Secret.Items[2].value.ToString()
    $Cred | Add-Member -NotePropertyName "Domain" -NotePropertyValue $wsResult.Secret.Items[0].value.ToString()
return $Cred

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