Connecting Lync and Cisco video in a conference

We have tried several products, but for the time being PEXiP Infinity is our preferred choice. It is easy to deploy and the price seems right. Deployment of a new solution can be done in minutes. Upload the Pexip management node to your VMware host and use Pexip to deploy the number of conferencing nodes your solution would require – usually 1 or 2. As we all know Lync servers are rather strict when it come to certificates, so you will have to buy one sertificate for the main conference node. Also publish the normal Lync federation DNS records (srv record _sipfederationtls._tcp.your.domain 0 5061) for the Pexip system as it will pretend to be a Lync edge server. Now it is possible to call a pexip video conference room from Lync. In version 4, coming in April 2014,desktop sharing will be possible. Now that we have this pexip Virtual Meeting room – Cisco ,Polycom and Lync can Connect and share content.The only thing missing at the moment is a good solution to manager your Meeting, at the moment you will need a iphone or Ipad but this will change and become a web Interface.

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