Use powershell to get external IP address

How can you get your external IP address from powershell? I use a simple script to query an external public web service. The service I’m using is hosted by . I have created a small function that is placed in my powershell library. All my modules are loaded by using powershell profiles.

This simple function uses rest. Usage is simple : get-mypublicip . Could easily be uses in script (get-mypublicip).ip .

function get-mypublicip{
    Write-Verbose "Resolving external IP"
    try {
        $ipaddr = Invoke-RestMethod #| Select-Object -ExpandProperty ip
    catch {
        throw "Can't get external IP Address. Quitting."
    if ($ipaddr -eq $null) { throw "Can't get external IP Address. Quitting." }
    Write-Verbose "External IP is $ipaddr"
    return $ipaddr

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