Lync CallerID black list / block list

After some time using Bing I have manged to do this. Thanks to : 

I wanted the caller that is blocked to get a announcment.

Step 1. Install Microsot Lync Server 2010/2013 SDK.

Step 2. Create a announcement using new-csannouncement.

New-CsAnnouncement -Identity “” -Name “NumberBlocked” -TextToSpeechPrompt “Sorry, Your call has been restricted” -Language “en-US” -whatif

Step 3. Create a unassigned number entry in Lync CP. I used +4787654321 as an example. assigning the announcement from step 2

Step 4. Create a BlockedNumbers.txt file on the Lync FE server share. Adding numbers and action ” +4712345678,block”, one on each line.

Step 5. Add the block/reroute script to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2010\Server\Core”. Called my scripte (attached file) Remember to edit the file. Replace entries with your unassigned number,fileshare and domain in the manifest part and contact entry.

Step 6. You could run the “compilespl.exe” to validate that it does not contain any compilatio errors.

Step 7. Register the with the lync pool. :

New-CsServerApplication -Identity “” -Uri  -ScriptName “” -Critical $False -Enabled $True -Priority 2 (2,22 kb)

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