Allow responsegroup to forward to an external contact.

You have several dialplans and voicepolicies  in your Lync organization and the default “Global” has no PSTN usage or route. Next you create a workflow,Queue and group, on the Queue you specify a overflow or timeout action. You define an external phone number that should be used when overflowing or timeout action is reached.

When you test this – the call is abandoned when the timeout limit is reached. The reasen for this is probably that the responsegroup does not have a dialplan or/and voice policy.  This is how to solve this:

First get the information for the workflow that handles the call:

Get-CsApplicationEndpoint -Identity responseg* | fl *

Next assign voice policy and dialplan:

Grant-CsVoicePolicy -Identity “sip:[email protected]” -PolicyName “Company Voice Policy”
Grant-CsDialPlan -Identity “sip:[email protected]” -PolicyName “Company”

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