SfB : Server startup is being delayed because fabric pool manager is initializing.

Ran into a issue where Skype for  Business frontend service refused to start. It remained in starting for ages before giving up. In the event viewer the statement was : Server startup is being delayed because fabric pool manager is initializing. This event seemed to have something to do regarding pool, but this was a standardedition Skype for Business setup containing one frontend and one edge server.

Server startup is being delayed because fabric pool manager is initializing.

Many articles on Bing and Google explained how this could be a issue with the certificates on the server, but in our case the frontend server and edge server was happily replicating the topology. We started by trying to do as the event told us: 

Reset-CsPoolRegistrarState -poolfqdn <ourpool> -ResetType QuorumLossRecovery

But this also failed. For me it looked like there was something wrong with WindowsFabric. Compared with another SfB server and in taskmanager I could see fabric.exe running, but not on on the server with the issue.  Looking in eventviewer Microsoft/WindowsFabric Admin:

Windows Fabric Admin log

At first I tried to install Windows Fabric from SfB install media. But same error. Then we tried to uninstall and reinstall. This resulted in a more serious error. Now the server has lost its connections to the Fabric. So how do we fix this. My solution was to uninstall SfB frontend server module and then run the Deployment wizard to reinstall it with config from the management store. This worked perfect. The front end service started immediately. 

Upgrade to Skype for Business failed. Error 1603

Have done several upgrades from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business 2015, so this last one should be no different, but faith had other plans.

Installed topology builder on a new computer and prepared the upgrade process. But when a bit into the upgrade it failed.

Error: Error returned while installing OcsCore.msi(Feature_LocalMgmtStore), code 1603. Error Message: A fatal error occurred during installation. For more details please consult log at C:\Users\paupav\AppData\Local\Temp\Add-OcsCore.msi-Feature_LocalMgmtStore-[2018_10_17][14_05_11].log

As most people know a MSI error of 1603 tells us as much as “An error occurred”. Tried do some reboots and retried, but nothing helped. With no idea of what could possibly be wrong, I was browsing for ideas or hints the usual places: Eventviewer, Windows explorer (free diskspace, files and folders), services, policies, and finally  windows update settings and history.  One clue (except that is was error 1603) there was 1 SfB update installed (probably because I selected the installer to check for updates). Thougt it was strange that there should be one update since I has not yet managed to install any SfB software. 

So simple. Uninstalled the update , rebooted and the upgrade from now on went flawless.