Lync DHCP options and Windows 2012 R2

Lync2013Recently had a issue where Lync phones (Polycom CX600) using number and pin where unable to download the CA certificate chain. Tethered phones worked fine. Some network packet inspection revealed that the DHCP server did not provide any of the options 43 information. The client (phone) asked for the correct vendor class “MS-UC-Client”, but there was no response from DHCP server. To add these options to the DHCP server we used the same script as we always use, so it was sure there was nothing wrong with the server. Asked the crew running the network equipment to check but they did not notice anything being blocked.  Continue reading Lync DHCP options and Windows 2012 R2

Exchange server quarantined a mailbox.

exchangeOne user tried to run an attachment in a newly received email  . After this his mailbox became inaccessible. When he tried to access it using OWA the familiar message appeared : Something went wrong.


My first thought was that the database was dismounted, but other mailboxes on the same database still worked. What’s next? Continue reading Exchange server quarantined a mailbox.