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List used phone numbers in Lync

This will list all used phone numbers in Lync. Except those used by Exchange UM (Auto Attendant ..)

$LUser=Get-csuser -Filter {LineURI -ne $Null}
$PLUser=Get-CsUser -Filter {PrivateLine -ne $Null}
$LCommonarea=Get-cscommonareaphone -Filter {LineURI -ne $Null}
$LAnaloge=Get-csanalogdevice -Filter {LineURI -ne $Null}
$LAppEndPoint=Get-CSApplicationEndPoint -Filter {LineURI -ne $Null}
$LExchUM=Get-CsExUmContact -Filter {LineURI -ne $Null}
$LDialIN=Get-CsDialInConferencingAccessNumber -Filter {LineURI -ne $Null}
$LDevices|sort-object -property Lineuri | ft DisplayName,LineUri


Move Lync database to new sql server.

This is how I’ve done it. First in lab then in production. This is moving enterprise edition databases. For this to work you need one extra temporary sql server and one Lync server in a temporary Lync pool ,along with the new SQL production server.

1. Export Lync configuration just in case.
export-csconfiguration -file c:\
export-cslisconfiguration -file c:\
2. Install a new Lync server in a new pool. I.e temppool.corp.local
3. Install a new CMS (configuration management store) on temporary sql server.
install-csdatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -sqlserverfqdn tempsql.corp.local
4. Enable topology.
5. Logon to new server in new pool and move CMS Lync server.
Verify that you are moving it to the new server and select.
Wait for replication.
6. Uninstall old CMS database.
Uninstall-csdatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -sqlserverfqdn OLDSQLSERVERFQDN.corp.local
7. Backup Lync databases. All of them.
8. In topologybuilder create a new sql server at the enterprise pool properties and publish topology.
9. Run Lync server setup deployment wizard.
10. Turn off all Lync frontend servers.
11. Restore Databases to the newley created databases. Remember to enable Chaining on the RTC and RTCDYN databases. Enable cross database chaining in the sql server properties. (SQL 2008 R2) In SQL-query : alter-database rtc set db_chaining = on alter-database rtcdyn set db_chaining = on
12. Start Lync servers.
13. Mover CMS to new SQLserver. step 1 – 6
14. Delete temppool from topologybilder and publish.