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How to test network routing from remote Lync client.

Often we have to troubleshoot routing and firewall rules as seen from a client on a internal client subnets. I use PSEXEC and PORTQRY from Microsoft. This will work if it is a Windows pc and I have permissions to connect to it. Run these commands from a server in the server lan

I try to check if the port is open from the client to server ( :

\\clientpc.domain.local -c portqry.exe
-n -P TCP -e 443

If this fails I will run a tracert from the client to the server IP (

\\clientpc.domain.local tracert -h 8 -d

Replacement for TMG reverse proxy.

Are you looking for a replacement for TMG now that its end is nearing. You could buy a thirdparty reverseproxy from Sophos og some appliance. The simplest solution is probably to install a Windows server 2012(R2) and add ARR module to IIS.

To install this module you would use the
Microsoft Web Platform Installer

All information you will need are at the IIS web site :

“User Profile Service failed the logon”

Got this error when I tried to log on to a Windows 2008R2 server. I have never logged on to this server before, so it was not that my profile could have been deleted.

Solution to this was that there was a file within the default profile that was missing som permissions.

In this senario it was “C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v14\Configuration3648_100.sqm”

Logged on with local administrator account.

Added “users” and “everyone” the Read permissions.

Now I could log on with my own admin account.