IMAP disabled in Exchange 2013 ServerComponentState.

IMAP was enabled on the Exchange  server and had been used for a long time. One day the Exchange server’s IP subnet was placed in a Active Directory site without any Domain Controllers. Of course  Exchange the services stopped running after a while. When We managed to get it back to its original site and rebooted, everything looked OK.  But IMAP did not work. The Client software gave us the error “Invalid filed description”.

Tried to run “Test-ImapConnectivity” , error stated Authentication Failed . Verified account by successfully logging on to OWA. Reset password to be sure, same error.

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Unable to join Lync\S4B from client schedule tab.

skypeLatest issue was kind of a puzzle. When one organization sent Skype meeting invitation to another organization it was impossible to click on the meeting in the schedule tab of Skype/Lync.

“Join” functionality missing from sceduler tab in Skype or Lync.


Right click on the meeting gave nothing. The links in Outlook and OWA did work thoe. At first we thought it was something wrong with the client installation, but several reinstalls and updates later the conclution was that there had to be something wrong with the calendar entry.

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Trying out Acano – Lync integration


I’m trying to installing a solution by Acano to integrating different AV conferencing solutions with Lync. Installing it in a split server solution (one edge server in DMZ and one core server in server LAN). Will post the final howto guide when it is installed, as I think the documentation is not that well explained.

Error installing Skype for Business server 2015

Tried to install S4B server 2015 in my lab. Tried this from a computer with no internet access, also I did not install any prerequisites.

Error: Prerequisite installation failed: Prerequisite installation failed: SqlInstanceRtc For more information, check your SQL Server log files. Log files are in the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL*.Rtc\MSSQL\Log, where the * represents your SQL Server version number. For example, SQL Server 2012 uses this path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.Rtc\MSSQL\Log.”


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Allow responsegroup to forward to an external contact.

You have several dialplans and voicepolicies  in your Lync organization and the default “Global” has no PSTN usage or route. Next you create a workflow,Queue and group, on the Queue you specify a overflow or timeout action. You define an external phone number that should be used when overflowing or timeout action is reached.

When you test this – the call is abandoned when the timeout limit is reached. The reasen for this is probably that the responsegroup does not have a dialplan or/and voice policy.  This is how to solve this:

First get the information for the workflow that handles the call:

Get-CsApplicationEndpoint -Identity responseg* | fl *

Next assign voice policy and dialplan:

Grant-CsVoicePolicy -Identity “” -PolicyName “Company Voice Policy”
Grant-CsDialPlan -Identity “” -PolicyName “Company”

Exchange 2010 : MapiExceptionNetworkError

exchangeOne of our Exchange 2010 servers had its mailboxdatabases dismounted sometime during the night. When we tried to mount them we got a strange error message : “MapiExceptionNetworkError: Unable to make admin interface connection to server. (hr=0x80040115, ec=-2147221227)”


As we usually do with issued like this on Exchange is to check that all services have been started. Went into service manager and sorted on “Startup type” to see if all marked as Automatic startup was started, and they where. Next was to check all DNS records and Eventviewer. No luck. Rebooted server. Still no luck. Finally, a closer inspection, the “Microsoft Exchange Information Store” service was set to “Disabled”. Enabled and started it. Now it was possible to mount the databases. How it ended up being disabled is another issue, perhaps some update did it..

Couldn’t mount the database that you specified. Specified database: MBXDATABASE; Error code: An Active Manager operation failed with a transient error. Please retry the operation. Error: Database action failed with transient error. Error: A transient error occurred during a database operation. Error: MapiExceptionNetworkError: Unable to make admin interface connection to server. (hr=0x80040115, ec=-2147221227)


O365 – Error : ProvisioningFailedException: Failed to update one of the recipient properties.

office-logo_v3Trying to migrate exchange users to O365 using cutover migration. Most of mailboxes did ok, but som failed “Error  : provisioningFailedException: Failed to update one of the recipient properties.”. It would help if the error messages explained what went wrong.? Continue reading O365 – Error : ProvisioningFailedException: Failed to update one of the recipient properties.

Lync voice messages does not arrive in the mailbox.

exchangeIt is time to remind me to always check Exchange for existence of receive connectors and their scoping. In this case users where able to record voice messages, but they never arrived in recipients mailbox. Checked the Exchange server event Viewer. Continue reading Lync voice messages does not arrive in the mailbox.

Testing new email gateway software.

Scrollout Have been looking for a simple and good software to scan and forward my emails. I wanted one that was easy to install/configure and hopefully free. My last discovery is ScrolloutF1 by Marius Gologan. This is a Linux configuration based on Debian. This is not a firewall but an mail gateway so it will only need 1 ip address. It’s easy to install , basically boot from the ISO and select your regional settings (keyboard and language). After installation has finished access it through your web browser. Continue reading Testing new email gateway software.

Lync DHCP options and Windows 2012 R2

Lync2013Recently had a issue where Lync phones (Polycom CX600) using number and pin where unable to download the CA certificate chain. Tethered phones worked fine. Some network packet inspection revealed that the DHCP server did not provide any of the options 43 information. The client (phone) asked for the correct vendor class “MS-UC-Client”, but there was no response from DHCP server. To add these options to the DHCP server we used the same script as we always use, so it was sure there was nothing wrong with the server. Asked the crew running the network equipment to check but they did not notice anything being blocked.  Continue reading Lync DHCP options and Windows 2012 R2

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