msRTCSIP-GroupingID editor.

This is my msRTCSIP-GroupingID editor. I use it to segregate addresslists in Lync solutions. It takes a commaseparated text file containing Company name and GUID for the addresslist assigned to this Company (filename : groupingids.txt) sample:


I have placed this file on the Lync share for my own convenience. Powershell script Groupingeditor.ps1 loads these values to a listbox. It let you search for users and then apply the groupingID to the selected users.

Next Version will contain possibillities to select entire OU’s and list users containing a spesific GroupingID.


groupingids.txt (153B)

groupingeditor.ps1 (4.7KB)

Outlook Roomlist and workinghours.

When using booking assistent and roomlist meeting rooms does not always show in the list as expected. One reason for this is that user make a default invitation and by default the meeting time is this morning witch is already passed. Another thing is that default working hour for the meeting room is 08:00 to 17:00 – outside this the room will not show in the roomlist.


Use get-mailboxcalendarconfiguration to get workinghours for a room / mailbox.

Segregating addresslists in Lync

To segregate companies in Lync we would use the msRTCSIP-GroupingID attribute on the user Object.

Default value for this attibute is “<not set>”


This would as expected result in the default addresslist 00000…….


If we add a value to the attribute i.e : 00 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 AA BB CC DD EE FF



After adding this new value I would normally run :> update-csaddresslist

We now get a new a addresslist based on the msRTCSIP-GroupingID value.


This will be the addresslist users searches from Lync.